Tuesday, September 19, 2017

A win and a loss

This is the first time I've managed to actually cut through one of my tape measures. Not that I don't have plenty more. I have a bit of a collection of tape measures and I love to find them in odd colors.

But this purple beauty was the one I carried around in my purse because who doesn't love to whip out a purple tape measure wherever you go?

I've been a busy beaver in the sewing room, making throw pillows and aprons for a local shop.

Months ago, I met the loveliest woman in town. Mary has been an upholsterer with her own business, Here We Go Again Upholstery, for 41 years. She creates upbeat, eclectic combinations, rarely using just one type of fabric in her work.

Way back when we met, we found a kinship in our love of found objects and making something new from something old. She asked me to make some things for the shop but only now am I getting a chance to do just that.

Last week, I made some simple cushions from wool sweaters, bits of thrifted needlepoint pieces, and leftover fabrics.

 Even the backs are lovely.

I was very lucky to inherit some upholstery fabrics from my mom. I had almost forgotten I had them.

The purple tape measure is now taped up and will be kept in my purse far from scissors. I don't need absolute accuracy when I'm out and about and I can't bear to give it up.  

Do you have a favorite sewing tool?

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