Ever wonder where to start with a blog?

Here are the most often visited posts and tutorials at SweaterDoll.

Amish Puzzle Ball tutorial

Embroidery School series 

Sunflower Pincushion tutorial

Needlepointed Tea Ball

Choosing Embroidery Tools and Supplies

Best $4 Supply I Ever Bought 

6 Steps for putting Your Unique Spin on Any Craft Pattern 

Tips for Buying Thrift Store Craft and Sewing Supplies 

The most visited series of posts is all about natural fiberfill/stuffing

Poly Fiberfill: Real Life Monster in the Closet 

Eco-Friendly Fill: Fact or Fiction 

Giving Thanks for Natural Stuffing 

Use and performance comparisons:

Part One: Costs and Sources

Part Two: Ease of Use 

 Part Three: Washability

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