Embroidery is just about the easiest of all the types of needlework to learn. It is essentially a needle, threads, and fabric. To make it work, just add embroidery hoop, scissors, and a design to stitch.

Here in embroidery school, you'll learn:

    •    What embroidery is
    •    Supplies - how to choose and use them
    •    Design - how to get it onto the fabric (including dark fabrics)
    •    Stitches - how-to start and end the work/ how-to guides
    •    Displaying embroidery
    •    Washing and caring for embroidered items
    •    How to travel with your embroidery projects

(Lesson links at the bottom of the page.)

About Embroidery

Embroidery is a very ancient technique of applying threads and yarns to the surface of fabrics. It has been used to accent clothing and quilts. It is used in mending and textile reuse. It has been used as an art form in samplers, tapestries, framed wall hangings, and in the hoop. Some of the earliest surviving embroidery dates back to 500BC and uses mainly simple running stitches.

Embroidery can be used very traditionally to create traditional gifts or clothing and linen accents, or it can be played with experimentally, creating new works of modern relevance.

This is a needlework technique that is:

    •    portable
    •    inexpensive
    •    easy to learn
    •    versatile

"Thank you for all your instructions! I enjoy following them and am not afraid to try my hand at embroidery now!"

Embroidery School - Original Series -

Lesson One: Choosing and Using Embroidery Tools

Lesson Two: Transferring the Design to Fabric 

Lesson Three: To Knot or Not - Tidy Stitching 

Embroidery School Samplers - homework downloads 

Lesson Four: Back stitch/ Blanket stitch/ Chain stitch 

Lesson Five: Cross stitch/ Feather stitch/ Fly stitch 

Lesson Six: French Knot/ Lazy Daisy/ Running stitch 

Lesson Seven: Satin stitch/ Seed stitch/ Stem stitch 

Lesson Eight: Washing and Caring for Embroidery 

Lesson Nine: Display Your Embroidery

Lesson Ten:  Organizing and Storage

Lesson Eleven: Taking Stitchery On the Road or Just Around Town

Crazy Quilt Embroidery School Series -

Lesson One: Seams 1 and 2 (plus sampler download link)

Lesson Two: Seams 3 and 4 

Lesson Three: Seam 5 

Lesson Four: Seam 6 

Lesson Five: make a fan block sachet

Christmas Embroidery School Series -

Lesson One 

Lesson Two 

Lesson Three 

Lesson Four 

Lesson Five 

Crossed buttonhole stitch/ up and down button hole stitch (blanket stitch variations)

Bullion Knot 

Open chain stitch 


Chain stitch - change thread/color 

Blanket stitch - change thread/color