Welcome to my shops!

I have two shops.  

SweaterDoll Etsy shop  has patterns, kits, and tutorials.

"So nice to find simple, easy patterns with great instructions." - Sarah Jane 

Rabbithorns on Etsy is stocked with handmade and hand stitched gifts made by me.

"Well made and thoughtfully done" - 

"I love everything about this gift. It's art. It's craft." - Eve 

"Unique. That's the first thing that comes to mind. Love this hand made jewelry you're making. - Lori

Let SweaterDoll be a bubble of happy stitching

SweaterDoll shops are jam-packed with original and unique products suitable for the hesitant beginning stitcher or the adventurous advanced sewer.

"A wonderful designer, check out her store." 

"What can I say? Oh what do I love? Everything. She answers all questions and is very helpful."

For possibly weird and generally unique gift item, Rabbithorns provides

Wherever you shop - please enjoy my handmade world. And don't forget - the tea kettle is always ready for company.