Come home

You're finally home after a day of work, errands, kiddos. You smile as you pour your cup of tea. You shoo the cat off your comfy chair (or was that a grey mohair sweater), plop down and reach for....the knitting bag? the mending pile? the stack of magazines?

 You have the itch to stitch.

Is this you?

Your sew and stitch and knot and hook

to enjoy
to contribute
to give
to upcycle
to mend
to celebrate holidays
to engage your children
to make an income 

You dream of a ladies' sewing circle in your own home - but you want to relax in your jammies and sink into the music while you stitch.

"So nice to find simple, easy patterns with great instructions." - Sarah Jane

Let SweaterDoll be a bubble of happy stitching

SweaterDoll shops are jam-packed with original and unique products suitable for the hesitant beginning stitcher or the adventurous advanced sewer:
  • toy & doll sewing patterns
  • homewares sewing patterns
  • embroidery & stitchery patterns
  • upcycling projects  
  • Stitch Cafe digital craft magazine

"A wonderful designer, check out her store." 


"What can I say? Oh what do I love? Everything. She answers all questions and is very helpful."

With SweaterDoll, you enjoy

Shop at home. Your downloadable digital patterns are available right away.

Give a handmade gift with the words "I made this just for you" for a relationship no factory-made item can inspire.

Room to explore:
Infuse your own creative style within the basic structure of the patterns. I encourage and invite makers to make exactly what is shown but also suggest other ways to explore possibilities to expand creativity.

Join the ongoing story of hand-making from generation to generation, grandmother to granddaughter, and neighbor to neighbor.  

I am a hands-on old-fashioned girl. My patterns are hand drawn and my instructions are straightforward. I write patterns for real people. 

Scratch your stitching itch!

Your next project is just a click away. Who doesn't enjoy a stroll through the aisles without leaving home? No make-up, no bra. Just you and your daydreams and your itch to stitch! 

I love having a creative home business that is good for you, good for the environment, great for home and family, and supports creativity. It's such a pleasure when customers share photos of their finished projects with me. Have fun and happy stitching!

What stitchers have said about the patterns 

"I've already created a beautiful doll." - Gloria

"I love the final product we made and have had many 
 compliments." - Deb

"Adorable lovey. I have seen many animal loveys but never a boy/girl before. Thanks for this adorable pattern and the excellent instructions included." - J 

"I love my patterns from Sweater Doll!!!" - Kimber

"Instructions are clear and very easy to follow." - Paula 

"Fantastic design. This pattern is unique and sews up beautifully. Clever and cute. What more could I ask for?" - Jen

So have a seat. Get comfy. Eat. Drink. Stitch. And enjoy!