I'm Allison. 
Hermit. Needle and thread addict. 

I like to art, not craft. Although sometimes the two may overlap, I am primarily interested in the quiet that comes with attention paid to each small stitch. 

It's a personal place where I have my own thoughts.

It's not an errand. It's not a call I am returning. It's not a bill being paid. It's not a parent-teacher conference. It's not dinner to be made and dishes to be washed.

Hand sewing small things for quiet pleasure is my happy place. 

It's sometimes my padded cell also, if this needlepointed tea ball strainer is any indication. 15,000+ stitches made with a single strand of embroidery floss and a beading needle because even the smallest sewing needle wouldn't fit through the mesh. It took a week to make.

And I like to make people-y things, characters. Not so much because I'm a kid person (ask my own children - I am not), but because I love story. I love the idea that a brand new little being is being created with hands. Like a god. I must have a complex.

I am okay with that. 

What do you want to make? I'm cheering you on to luxuriate in the sheer bliss of making, savoring the stitch by stitch quiet, and putting your own touch to any pattern
I encourage you to see the open-ended possibility in a project. And I want you to love the space you create for yourself when you are immersed in the process.

So go on - put away the buzzing, beeping, ringing things in your world. You can go back to them later.

You have entered my little world of making! You can 
  • come into my home  (read the blog)
  • sit at the table and make something (download free tutorials), 
  • spend some time in my sewing room (learn to embroidery painlessly with Embroidery School), 
  • and then we can go shopping together! (head over to my shop where you'll find sewing and embroidery patterns for the comforts of home and the delight of family and friends).

Where can you find me besides the blog?
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And I'm always just an email away. You can reply to the newsletter to reach me and my email is at the bottom of the newsletter also.

I'm so glad you've stopped by. The kettle has boiled and I've got tea and coffee ready. So have a seat and put your thimble on (thimble is optional). It's time to roll around in fabric choices and get our making groove on.

I'll be so sad when it's time for you to go home, so be sure to follow the blog with Bloglovin to make it easy to come back when you need that wonderful making space again.