I'm Allison. 

Hermit. Needle and thread addict. Lover of tea.

As a child I was a big reader, loving story as much as the thrill of life itself. I find story is everywhere and the best stories can be teased out from simple everyday life, nature,  and personal exchanges. This is the basis for my designing and my stitching. As a neuro-atypical, I find the world a bit too people-y so being able to unplug and play with my threads and stories with close friends and a few people at a time, at a quilt shop or local cafe, is satisfying and it takes me back to when life was much more hands-on, when friendships were intimate and close and not scored by the thousands on a screen.


For the last six years, I have been designing sewing and embroidery patterns for Australian and U.S. magazines.  I have been featured in and designed for more than 40 issues of print magazines and have been featured in and designed for several blogs in the US, Europe, and Australia. Many of these patterns, as well as unpublished ones, are available in my Etsy shop: www.sweaterdoll.etsy.com

I design patterns for mothers, grandmas, aunties, and children-at-heart who want to create lovely things with their hands, play with fabric and needle and thread, maybe slow down for a breather.
I teach my sweaterdoll-making, embroidery, and fiber art workshops to both adults and children. I've taught in New York City, California, Arizona, Australia, Kansas, and Missouri.

My patterns are hand drawn. Instructions may be hand illustrated or may use photos for the steps. This way you receive a personal pdf document rather than a computer-drawn set of images. I prefer to work on making the instructions clear and accessible than learn computer skills because I want you to have the experience I did when I was learning from the ladies who came before me. It's neighborly. It's real. It might be a little homey.

If you're in the market for a sewing or embroidery pattern, please check out my Etsy shop.When you find something you like, just favorite it and you'll be emailed a special discount coupon! Cool, huh?

But guess what? There are LOTS of free tutorials and patterns on the blog, so you can always just start right here!

I encourage you to see the open-ended possibility in a project. And I want you to love the space you create for yourself when you are immersed in the process as much as I do.

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I'm so glad you've stopped by. The kettle has boiled and I've got tea and coffee ready. So have a seat, grab some fabric, and put your thimble on (thimble is optional). It's time to SweaterDoll.

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