I grew up surrounded by women whose stories included the end of slavery in the US, the Russian Revolution, The Great Depression, and two World Wars. Their cooking, stitching, and midwifery skills were lovingly passed down to my generation, possibly the last one to receive these priceless gifts. 

I've lived all over the US, including the deep south, the bread-basket of Missouri and Kansas, New York City, and Alaska. My incredible kids are grown and live in the US. I met my true love when I was 51 and moved to Australia to marry him and live a quiet life of making and loving. 

I'm Allison. Nice to meet you. 

When I'm not hiding in my little work room having me time, you can find me:
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This is what I love to do!

I have some stories for you to stitch. Choose from pre-printed fabric embroidery panels that make anytime YOU time happen. Or transfer one of my embroidery patterns for cozy armchair and jammie time and make a weekend project out of it.

There are also sewing patterns for you.  Because "you" time can look like anything if it involves a needle and thread.

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It's a great place to start, and if you're already a stitcher, a great pattern for teaching children or that not-so-crafty-but-interested friend.

Not sure of your skills? I've been teaching Embroidery School here on the blog. Feel free to download the free samplers and join in.