Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Christmas Embroidery School - Lesson Four

Today let's finish the top of the ornament. Tomorrow we'll finish the bow and the greenery.

Double Herringbone Stitch

Herringbone stitch is mainly a crossed stitch with the criss-cross at the tops of each stitch.

Use 4 strands of floss. Draw or eyeball diagonal lines across the area. Stitch over these lines. Then start the return lines, crossing over at the tops and bottoms over the lines rather than across the middle.

Then create an overlapping herringbone stitch with the second color. Generally, the second line of stitching is centered between the first layer but I set them closer to one side.

Long and Short Blanket Stitch

Use 4 strands of floss. Stitch one straight stitch along the side. 

Come back up next to the start point and insert the needle about halfway into the box and back to the top. Wrap the thread behind the needle and pull through for a blanket stitch.

Continue this stitch alternating the length of the stitches.

At the other end, tack the last stitch in place.

Back Stitch

Use 4 strands of floss. Make one stitch along the hanger hoop. Bring the needle back up one stitch away and circle back to meet the first stitch.

 Continue to circle the stitches to cover the hanger.


  1. As soon as I seen this I loved it....beautiful colors
    Have been following, interested in doing one for myself, very soon.
    GREAT TUTORIAL...thank you so much for your great pics also....vivian

    1. Thanks for your kind review of the series, Vivian! When you do make your own, I hope you'll share photos. I love to ooh and ah over reader stitching and sewing.