Tuesday, September 19, 2017


Mary asked me to make aprons for her adorable shop. I love wearing aprons of all kinds. They just change up how I feel about what I'm doing. I even wear them out of the house sometimes!

I am so happy with the ones I've just finished, I decided to let you have first pick! I have these three to share today.

If you are interested in purchasing any of these, just email me for prices. I can ship in padded envelopes for about $5 in the US and $8 elsewhere.

All the aprons are 20" x 28" wide. They are all backed with cotton or cotton/poly fabric.

Candy stripey wrap apron

Made from cotton fabrics, vintage ric rac, and a scrap of antique cotton doily. The ties are 38" long each.

This apron has a good sized right handed pocket made from a vintage tablecloth.

Teal is "In" Apron

Is there anything that isn't teal these days? Still, it's a lovely color and I'm glad it's still making the rounds.

Made from cotton and linen with 2 plastic buttons, cotton ribbon, a cotton embroidered panel, and a couple of clothing labels. The seersucker stripe is a right handed pocket. The ties are 42" long each for a goodly wrap-around bow.

The photos are a lot more yellow than I wanted. The teal is a lovely shade and the whites are actually white, although the embroidered rose panel is indeed a creamy color.

Elegant Hostess

This one has no pocket, but it does have a gorgeous hand embroidered panel on the front that I just found this week. Made from cotton and linen fabrics and an unusual red and white handkerchief. The ties are 31" long each. 

It's good to be partnering up with Mary. It gets me out of the house and, in truth, online biz isn't holding its own compared with doing in-person local business. My online business has been a losing venture since the start even though I just love making new things to share and sell. I tip my hat to those who can make it work!

Off to the sewing room now! I have more fabric to sort through.


  1. They are just perfect! I like them all!

  2. Thanks so much! I plan to post a tutorial for those DIYers among you. :-) They are easy to make and it's fun to go through the stash of vintage bits and bobs, ribbons and such.

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