Saturday, July 1, 2017

Stitch Cafe is Open and Ready to Serve!

It's here! STITCH CAFE digital magazine is now available!

After 5 years of designing patterns for print magazines and my online shop, I realized it's time create a way to offer you the best and newest creations in one easy (and cost-effective) download.

Every month a new STITCH CAFE magazine will be released. The magazine has at least 4 original patterns, a few articles, a recipe or two, sometimes a little focus on prairie life, links to some awesome crafters and their blogs, and more.

See, this is how it's going to work.

Now that I'm putting out a monthly magazine, I get to play with projects for the month and put them in there along with my patterns published in national print magazines that are now available for me to publish again.

A couple of those patterns will also make it into the shop separately. If you like my patterns AND wouldn't mind getting some bonus patterns, then the magazine is the perfect way to stay current with all my projects.


Eye-Candy for Crafters

Another magazine?

Maybe you're feeling a little guilty because you don't make ALL the projects you already see on Pinterest and craft blogs.

Not enough time for all of it?
Love it but don't know if I'd use it or give it?

Confession: I just ENJOY looking at all those projects, and they make me feel inspired. I stopped feeling guilty that I wasn't going to make all 2 billion projects I drool over. Now I love to look and I think of it as a sort of art gallery of sewing and stitchery.

This is (mostly) women's art, home art, family art. I love words like homespun and handmade.

In a world full of mass-produced goods without any heart or personal touch, another handmade magazine is definitely a little piece of humanity heaven.

Is this just a copy of my shop patterns?

The magazine does include some patterns that I sell in my online shop. But many are exclusive to the magazine and will never be available other than in the magazine.

AND the magazine containing 4 or more patterns costs less than 1 pattern in the shop!

So it's pretty much the thriftiest way to keep up with current pattern releases.

What's actually inside?

Well, I'm just starting out - by that I mean in digital format. The magazine has been printed locally and I'm working out the kinks of not being very techno-friendly. But the focus can now be more global rather than local.

That said, I am so far including:

  • household tips
  • links to other makers and their work
  • 4+ sewing and embroidery patterns
  • recipes
  • articles about the crafting community

What kind of patterns are in that 4+?

Patterns are a mix of sewing and embroidery:

  • softies
  • hoop art
  • home decor
  • kitchen and laundry room linens
  • fashion accessories
  • patchwork projects
  • plus step-by-step tutorials for cool household ideas

You don't have to subscribe! Buy one magazine or more. It's up to you.

Each magazine is sold separately in the shop. Buy the issues that interest you. In the future, I might offer a subscription payment, but for now, you get to try it out on your terms, when you want, based on your interests.

Pretty pictures? Thrifty? Sewing and embroidery patterns? Links and tutorials? Recipes?

Where do you get all this for $6 US?

Welcome to STITCH CAFE! Issue 1, July 2017 is now in the shop!

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