Sunday, July 9, 2017

Rhymes with Orange - make a Felt Orange Pomander

In honor of Christmas in July - if you celebrate early like I do - here's a tutorial for making felt orange pomanders. 

Ever stick whole cloves into an orange and then wonder if you'll ever get the feeling back in your fingertips ever again? Well, wonder no more. This pomander is easy to make and is also easy on the fingers.

Each one is about 3" (7-8cm) wide.

What you need:

orange wool (or wool blend) felt – one 9" x 12" (20x30cm) sheet makes 2 pomanders

orange stranded cotton embroidery thread – 2 strand lengths
wool yarn in dark brown tweedy colour
ribbon – 23cm
sewing or embroidery needles
tapestry needle with large eye for the yarn
Orange Pomander template

I used a vintage Patons Lanbswool 80 yarn that has lovely orangey flecks. It has been discontinued but this Keld tweed wool from Rowan knits is a great alternative for that clove look:

You can machine or hand sew the wedges together, but stitches should be fairly close to the edges. Wool felt is strong enough to need very little seam allowance.

Download the template using the link in the materials list. To make one pomander ball, trace five of the wedge shapes onto felt and cut them out along the lines.

Stack two of the shapes, matching up the edges and points nicely. Stitch along one curved edge. Make another set of two stitched together. Leave the fifth wedge aside.

Now using a two-strand length of matching embroidery floss, stitch the two sets of two together to make a sewn set of four.

Pin the last wedge to an unsewn edge of the 'almost' ball shape and sew along the edge to attach. There should now be a sphere with an opening.

Fold the ribbon in half and insert the folded end into one end of the ball where the points meet. The ribbon raw ends should stick out of the ball by about 7mm or half an inch. Sew the ribbon into the ball by stitching down the last seam about an inch. Tie the thread off.

Sew the opening from the other end where the points meet again about an inch and tie off. This leaves a hole for turning and stuffing.

Turn the ball right sides out and stuff firmly.

Sew the opening closed using a ladder stitch.

Now we have to stick the cloves in the orange. The cloves are simply yarn french knots around the ball. The french knots can cover the ball or be arranged in patterns just like a real orange pomander. You can do this freehand or make little pen dots in the patterns you want.

At Christmas, hang them around the tree or on doorknobs. Leave out the ribbon and display them in a bowl with evergreen cuttings.

This pattern was originally in Handmade magazine, issue 35-6. It even made the cover along with my little star gnome and swedish heart ornaments.

So proud! Like little candies all boxed up!

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