Monday, July 24, 2017

Product Review: Bucilla Ready to Stitch Aida on a Wooden Frame

Cross stitch is not my go-to embroidery, but I do enjoy it. It's structured and easily accomplished. 

This week, a local shop owner asked me to review a Bucilla product - the Ready to Stitch Aida cloth. Basically this is a 14 count piece of embroidery Aida already stretched onto a square wooden frame. It comes in white, natural, and black.

I chose the black canvas and embroidered a Victorian rose on it.

So what do I think of the Aida canvas on a frame? 

I love that it's pre-stretched and square. It's a nice change from round hoops. It's a standard size for most patterns, 14 count. The wooden frame is sturdy and can be hung easily on a small nail. It's lovely for highlighting a small pattern.

That makes it great also for budding young stitchers who want to make a gift that can be instantly displayed on an honored wall. Because it's sturdy, it will also stand up well on a shelf or mantle.

Here's what I didn't like about the frame.

Like any Aida fabric, it can stretch during stitching. But because it's already on a frame, it can't be blocked once the work is done. Stab method, in and out stitching, is necessary rather than being able to stitch through from hole to hole.

Another problem was that borders and designs have to be inside the edges of the frame because, obviously, the frame is in the way of stitching. This means about an inch all around can't be used for stitching. 

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Bottom line for me is that I would use this product again. While I would rather be able to create borders closer to the edge, this frame does allow for gluing on a lace or ric rac border. It's a great size for small projects, and it's easy to hang up to display.

Have you done any cross stitch on one of these ready-to-stitch frames? What did you think about it?

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