Friday, July 21, 2017

Because we're joined at the seam ripper

My readers are awesome! Seriously. 

If you haven't checked out these posts from last October, please do. I've gotten some wonderful photos from readers who have made SweaterDoll patterns and tutorials and shared photos with me.

Come on, ladies! Start your cameras! I want to see more!

Readers are Makers 1

Readers are Makers 2

Readers are Makers 3

But why do I love my readers? Because so many of you email me and we get into these pen pal sort of emails for awhile. No, they don't last forever, but they are always personal, heartfelt, and neighborly. 

Just like you lived next door and we got together for a cuppa and a chat and sharing some sewing wins of the week. If you did live next door, that would be ideal! We could all get together and sew things and make homemade pasta noodles.....or just go to the cafe and buy the pasta and bring the stitching along. (This is my favorite cafe in town.)

You are REAL people. I like real people. So much easier to talk to than....not real people? 

But then, no one wants to hang out with that gal who stands around talking to mannequins in the department store, huh?

I'm so glad we're all just an email away, because some of you are from parts of the world I will probably never get to see. And you give me the gift of seeing them through your eyes. I see your families that way. I see your creativity. I am invited into your world and your story and how precious a gift is that!

So thank you, dear readers (who are also mostly customers). You make what I do supremely human. I've always said hand-making creates relationship. 

BTW, I know an amazing woman, Amanda Creek, who helps folks with their business stuff, so if you're creating your blog or business website and need help with an About Page check out her stuff!

No strings - just wanted to share this with you as I know some of my readers are also online business makers. 

"Need an About Page that connects? Join “Your About Page Story” and begin your customer relationship on the right foot, with the right story and the most creative expression of it."

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