Saturday, July 29, 2017

Sneak Peek of Issue 2 (August) of Stitch Cafe magazine!

The August issue of Stitch Cafe magazine is nearly ready!

And who doesn't like a sneak peek of anticipated delights?

While summer is not my very favorite season, there are some wonderful events completely particular to these long, sunny days. 

Fireflies, cicadas, sunshine, wildflowers, swimming, fishing, and a garden full of ripening deliciousness. 

I've taken some of these special summer moments and created some projects and patterns for this issue.

In this issue, there are 5 patterns, 2 tutorials, a recipe, and articles. As always, there are links and resources for methods, supplies, and inspiring blogs and websites.

Here's a peapod softie. You won't have to try to get anyone to eat this, but even the pickiest eater will love this veggie.

My son-in-law loves to fish so I have to credit him with inspiring me to create this little bell-like fabric fish. I made it a salmon, well, salmon colored anyway, because we used to go salmon fishing when we lived in Alaska.

Another summer delight is chickens! My high school bestie still lives in the area and has a lovely coop full of feisty chooks (Aussie for chickens). Here's one of them on a little egg cosy.

There's also a teatime applique hoop art pattern, a firefly headband pattern, and two weaving tutorials including the chair seat on the cover above. What a great way to beat the heat - stay inside and play with your sewing and stitchery stash!

Stitch Cafe Issue 2 will be in my Etsy shop on Monday, July 31. 

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