Thursday, October 27, 2016

Readers are Makers - Part Two

Want to see your gorgeous SweaterDoll sewing and embroidery featured on the blog? Just send me an email.

Here are some more inspiring photos of projects made by readers and customers.

Thanks to Emma of Squiggly Monkeys for participating in a pattern challenge and choosing the Dinosaur doll pattern to play with.  Grrr.....fiercely cute!

Long time reader, Evenstar, made several types of Sweaterdolls from the original pattern. I loved making characters from the pattern which creates a basic softie that is completely customizable.

Glenda is another long time fan of SweaterDoll. Here she has made a beautiful DollyGram using the pattern published in Homespun magazine (Australia) late 2015.

Kathy made this doll for her 7 year old friend, Sima, who is an Iraqi Kurd, who started school this year. Kathy wrote me: "It was impossible to find dolls with her colour of skin in the bazaar so I made one for her. She also started school this year, so I improvised the clothes pattern to make her a school uniform for her doll just like her own." 

This sewing pattern was updated in the June 2016 issue of Homespun magazine and will be available as soon as I have time to rewrite it. Modesty clothing is a real need for children of Muslim, Amish, Mennonite, and orthodox Jewish cultures to name just a few. Great job, Kathy!

Lisa, of Cucicucicoo, is a powerhouse of sewing. She is an American living in Italy, raising a family, and designing patterns. But that's not all. Her blog is a wealth of craft projects and upcycling and reuse. In one post, she reviewed my Perfectly Imperfect doll pattern. She must have liked it; look how many she made! Here's the review post.

 Thanks for sharing your projects with me. I love to see them!

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  1. So many wonderful designs and I love your readers' interpretations of them! :) Lisa