Thursday, October 27, 2016

Readers are Makers - Part Three

Let's focus on reader embroidery today.

Here are some fantastic Embroidery School projects and some pics from a pattern challenge using one of my embroidery patterns from my online shop

The original Embroidery School series used two samplers to learn and practice 12 basic embroidery stitches. Here is the wheel sampler made by Dawn.

And here, Lisa (remember her from yesterday's post?) completed both samplers.

The second Embroidery School series was all about crazy quilt embellishment. Marcia G. not only worked the stitches but also made the actual crazy quilt blocks for a larger project.

Karen worked the downloadable sampler block to a T. Gorgeous work, huh?

Marcia G. also completed Christmas Embroidery School in record time! Here's her finished ornament pattern.

The members of Handmade Cooperative had a pattern challenge several months ago. It was a lot of fun trading patterns and making each others' designs.

My Fox and Bear embroidery pattern was made by two lovely makers. Here is Gail's work. She is the owner/maker of Skinny Malinky Designs. I am so touched that Gail has been a long time follower. I love her softies!

Jen of Ma & Me made this set up. I love how she colored in areas which really makes the stitching pop!

Dawn also worked up this Lavender embroidery pattern using some soft colors and a vintage look.

That's it for now. I eagerly await photos from makers of SweaterDoll patterns and projects. Has anyone made anything from the September or October pattern bundles?

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