Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Make a Sampler Tablecloth Tutorial

Remember the dining room? No, not the place where we eat all our meals now, but the separate room with the china hutch and credenza where the "good" dishes and etched crystal goblets waited for "company". Remember the drawer with the silver? 

My grandmother had one such room. Not a large one. It was just big enough for that table and chairs and the hutch, but it was where we ate holiday and event dinners. The table had two leaves to extend it. And there was always an embroidered tablecloth brought out for special.

Most of these, my sister now has stored away in her home. My family has moved far too often to be able to keep many heirlooms. And these days, decorating is more modern, more abstract, more playful; decor more open and airy.

But still I wanted a tablecloth for "company". So I decided to create a sampler tablecloth using running stitch circles and a variety of simple stitches. 

The tutorial is here at Sew Mama Sew.

Just grab some hoops and thread and your basic stitches here at Embroidery School and follow the steps to create your own Sampler Tablecloth.  

And don't forget to send me some pics to share when you get your going!

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