Thursday, July 21, 2016

Lavender Fields Pattern and Open Chain Stitch Tutorial


Do I need to say more?

Even the Arizona desert cottontails love it.

I listed this pattern awhile back but had not gotten around to stitching it. I finally finished it last night. Here is my version of this modern lavender landscape. It reminds me of July monsoon in the Sonoran desert.

And here is a customer's Instagram of the making of the lavender.

The pattern is pretty open-ended so you can use stitches of your choice. I did use an open chain stitch in that lovely magenta/red and thought I could teach that to you.

New Stitch:

Open Chain Stitch

Open chain is worked pretty much like chain stitch is, except the loops are held open and wide and boxy rather than seed-shaped. 

On my lavender embroidery pattern, I have a some outlines of the tops of the hills so I decided to use a couple of the lines as guides for open chain stitch.

It isn't necessary to have two lines, but it makes it easier to make the stitch neat.

Bring the needle up at the bottom of the first chain and to one side and bring it down right across at the other side..

Bring the needle back up on the first side (in this case the left) where the next chain will begin.

Pull on the loop just a bit and place the needle in on the right side where the end of this first chain will be "caught". Don't pull too tightly yet.

Again, bring the needle up above and on the left where the third open chain will begin.

Bring the needle back down on the other side. 

This is when you can gently pull the chains tighter as you go along.

When you get to the end of your row, you can use a simple normal chain to end the row. It will look a bit pointed like this:

Or you can keep the boxed look by taking a couple of tacking stitches to hold the shape of the last open chain.

Now go smell the lavender!

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  1. What a gorgeous little design and embroidered picture Allison! I used to do a lot of embroidery when I was a kid, but haven't done any for years. I'd forgotten just how pretty it looks!