Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Book Review - Reader's Digest Embroidery Stitches

The Readers' Digest Complete Guide to Embroidery Stitches is one of my new favorite reads right now. I got a copy from the library but might have to put this on a Christmas wish list.

One of the things I like about this book is that it's not just a guide to stitches but also types of embroidery such as pulled stitches, smocking, and embroidery on canvas often called needlepoint.

It's a cmplete instructional guide with helpful sections on needles, hoops, and fabrics, as well as stitch variations and skills building.

The how-to illustrations are very clear and there's also a color photo of each stitch. There are more than 260 stitches explained in the book.

I even found a very rarely taught stitch I'll be using in an upcoming magazine project I'm designing: the knitting stitch. It's not knitting but looks just like it!

The Reader's Digest Complete Guide to Embroidery Stitches was published in 2004 and this seems to be a printing from 2006. I'm shocked, though, that this particular book looks brand new. I'm going to have a card written up so I can put it on a Reader's Choice shelf at the local library.

This book gets a thumbs up from me!

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