Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Welcomes, Apologies, and Have a Donut!

Hello to all the new folks who have been sent over via links on other blogs and from the magazine features and projects that have been published in the last two weeks.

I am very sorry that the site has been down for the last week. A new site is being prepared and I did not know this site would be taken down during that time. It is back up temporarily.

I have also not been able to send a newsletter and am still waiting for a new email to use. Gmail has changed its spam settings and my old email cannot be used as the "reply to" anymore. I will send one as soon as I can.

So relax, put your feet up, and have a doughnut. No, really, it won't spoil your dinner or ruin your diet. Because it's a Doughnut Coaster sewing pattern!! 

Make it fluffy or make it flat. Embroider the icing and sprinkles or use yarn or fabric paint for embellishment.

While you're enjoying your tea or coffee and new coaster, I'll be getting brand new Embroidery School practice patterns ready to post. 

Once a week, I'll post a project and free downloadable pattern where you get to use one of the stitches we learned in Embroidery School. Some of the projects will also have other optional skills, such as tea staining, or tinting with colored pencils, or applique.

Here's one for practicing cross stitch. Looks pretty simple. Too simple? It's a blown up bit of a 1760 cross stitch sampler, but the fun part will be tea staining it before stitching. Might even stain it with a bit of blueberry for some lovely purple staining, too. NOW it's more interesting, huh?

Can't wait to be back and start our artful stitching practice. I miss you guys!! Fingers crossed this will be worked out soon! Thanks for your patience.

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