Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Stay Tuned and Stitch On

So how is everyone doing with their Embroidery School samplers? 

Still working on it? That's fine. It's all about carving out that bit of sweet time for yourself and having something tactile in your hands and relaxing. Yes, letting those shoulders drop a bit. Having a cup of tea or coffee. Or even tequila. 

Embroidery School Sampler by Dawn Lewis

Here's what some of my new stitching friends are saying about Embroidery School:

I must complement you on your instructions which are easily understood, clear and well broken down.

Yahhhhh! I’m so excited about embroidery school!!!

I really love your style and approach – particularly your embroidery school series.

(Allison) has great ideas for beginners.

Embroidery School will help you with getting your tools together (needles, hoops, fabric, threads), transferring your pattern to fabric, washing and caring for your work, displaying it, storing your supplies, and of course, stitching it. The series teaches twelve stitches to use in a free downloadable sampler (two styles to choose from). 

When was the last time your homework was relaxing AND only took about 10 minutes a day? Gosh, it's like recess IS the school!

Join in the fun here: Embroidery School

Stitches to learn and practice are being added to the twelve in the free online program. Just keep checking at the bottom of the page links.  

The new website is in the works!

The URL will remain the same: but links to posts will change.

UPDATE: No new website. Please continue to enjoy all my posts, tutorials, and lessons here at I am repairing all broken links. (edited July 1, 2016)

You know, you also get a free embroidery pattern when you sign up, so if you haven't joined in, please feel free to.

SweaterDoll is traveling the world - in print. 

Helen Dickson, of Bustle and Sew, featured me in her June issue of the Bustle and Sew digital magazine. It's jam-packed with projects and patterns, meet the maker articles, and a few recipes - hello, scones!

Helen's work is lovely and she found Embroidery School while surfing (avoiding working she says). Nice to know we're not the only ones finding online goodies when we "should" be doing something else, huh?

There is also a new SweaterDoll doll pattern published in the June 2016 Homespun magazine. This pattern is a redesigned doll using the layer cake method I used for the Perfectly Imperfect dolls published in tickle the imagination last October and now for sale in my shop.

But this doll is a traditional cloth doll shape so the legs move as if they were added separately. 

Added bonus: Homespun does its own photo shoots and I found out the illustration used in the background is by Australian artist, Peter Hinton. I found out because an online friend in a handmaking community mentioned that she knew him. She was kind enough to pass on my thank you for creating such a magical backdrop for this doll. He was genuinely pleased and surprised by my contact. How lovely is this internet thing where we get to make new relationships daily!

Stay tuned - 

I might be minus a newsletter next week. Depends on Gmail and its new spam settings so I'm having to change my reply-to email. But I'm on it. 

Stitch on - 

Don't forget to visit the shop. I have some lovely designs there for you. Easy as pie but still very giftable! Use them as hoop art, embroider them on tote bags, quilt blocks, a skirt, a jeans jacket! 


  1. I am new to your blog and so very thrilled - it's beautiful and so much information that I will use for embroidery projects as well as other things too! I found it through Tasha Noel's instragram - the cute apple applique pillow. So many talented people out there and love that you all share. Now I just need more time in the day for all my projects. Thank you!

    1. So lovely to see you here, Susan! Tasha's work is gorgeous. I am constantly amazed by all the beauty that can be made with needle and thread. I think we all have a long list of projects I'd to make. That's a big part of why I design embroidery for others that doesn't take weeks to make. Something pretty in just a couple of reruns of your favorite show! Enjoy the blog and thanks again for coming by.