Monday, June 20, 2016

Let's Do the Limbo

Well, I am still in limbo concerning a new website. I admit, I know nothing about the process, but I am waiting excitedly to see the big reveal.

Anxious to get back to putting thread to all my new embroidery designs, impatient to see the new website and give you all new links to tutorials, and working like mad the last two weeks completing magazine craft project commissions, I have now managed to throw my back out.

Today, I'll be moving slowly. My goals - and oh, yes, I still have them for nothing keeps a stitcher down - are to finish several commissions and start posting the follow-up to Embroidery School which I introduced in the last post. Then, gosh, I have so many embroidery designs dancing in my head like Christmas sugarplums, and I can't wait until I can get to those.

I really have to thank Helen Dickson of Bustle and Sew for featuring me in her project-packed magazine this month. Because of her article and newsletter, I have had a huge increase in newsletter sign-ups and some new blog followers. 

I feel a little sheepish that the last few weeks have produced so little for you while the new website is being built - you know, you don't want to start something new if you think it's all going to change tomorrow.......and then 5 days down the road, you're still thinking "tomorrow, right?"

But Rome wasn't built in a day! And while we wait for the unveiling of the site, I invite you to check out a few posts on my blog.

Free pattern - Embroidery project tote

The dangers of polyester fill and the joys of natural fill

The most downloaded tutorial - Amish Puzzle Ball 

Ta da! Embroidery School of course

Your most frequently asked questions  

What's on the work table right now? Oh my gosh! I wish I could show you!! But I've been working on magazine project commissions and I can only give the peeping Tom view such as the country doll bits (above photo) and some zentangled necklaces. 

But I do have some lovely sampler embroidery patterns coming up such as the fish in the first photo above.

I call them samplers because they use the most basic stitches learned in Embroidery School. Other stitches used will always come with a lesson. E.g. the Button Sampler pattern - when I listed this for sale, I also posted on the blog a how-to for the blanket stitch variations used.  

And then there's the ever popular Amish knotted rag rug wooden needles I make from reclaimed pine and reclaimed hardwoods. This batch is now finished and waiting to be sent off to happy customers.

Let's be in limbo. Waiting means being able to not be in a hurry. Which is kind of the essence of time for YOU, to sit, to stitch, to daydream, to design. Enjoy!

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