Wednesday, June 22, 2016

The Second Most Visited Page on the Blog

I don't use or buy a lot of plastic, but it is inevitable that some plastic bags and food containers or wrapping will come into my house and go out via the trash can. I suspect it's the same at your house. We all do our best to reduce plastics use.

But the unadvertised toxicity of both the manufacture and use of soft plastic textile fibers, like polyester and acrylic, disturbs me because I feel it takes away our informed choice.

I have one tutorial that is the most often visited page on my blog. The second most visited? The page tab of natural fiberfill vs. polyester fiberfill.

Polyester fiberfill is listed in the US Toxic Substances Control Act as an inert but toxic fiber. I won't rehash the whole thing. I'll let you read up on how it can cause a carcinogenic avalanche in pet and infant lungs and intestines and create endocrine disruption. You can do some more research into the water and air pollution caused at polyester fiber plants and the cancer rate among workers. 

And while you're at it, check out "oilcloth" which is no longer actually cloth soaked in linseed oil, but vinyl coated cotton fabric. Almost all vinyl contains lead. So much lead that Washington state banned lunchboxes because the lead was leaching into schoolchildren's lunches. 

Polyester fiberfill has only been patented as a toy stuffing since the mid-1960s. You know, back when DDT was being sprayed on our food and smoking was "good for you". Natural fibers are history's standards; plastic is the alternative.

And really, I don't judge: I created a project recently for a magazine shoot and didn't want to have to fill it with $30 of wool stuffing. I bought an brand new $3.50 cushion insert at a local thrift store and used that. It's the first time I've used polyester fill in 20 years.

So I'm not pointing fingers at anyone or waving eco-flags. I'm a real person just like you facing the issues the best I can.

Did you know there were this many delicious natural choices out there? I didn't! I encourage you to play with them. Have fun!

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