Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Crazy Quilt Embroidery School - Lesson Four

Seam 6: Herringbone stitch, Straight stitch, Lazy daisy stitch, French knot

This is a beautiful design made from several easy stitches. The design is created one stitch type at a time.

First the herringbone stitch is laid down. This is like a wide cross stitch and very easy.

Next, straight stitches are added at the tops and bottoms of the herringbone stitches.

Then the little straight stitch fans are made.

Lazy daisy stitches and then french knots complete the design. It looks much more complicated than it is!

The herringbone stitch is so easy. Just bring the needle to the front of the fabric at the bottom of the first stitch. Make a long straight stitch, then come back up to make the next long stitch. Continue to the end of the seam.

Add the little straight stitch caps at the top and bottom of the stitches.

Stitch up the little fans just as in seam 2. 

This is the seam so far.

Next, add lazy daisy stitches at the ends of all the caps.

Cover all the little dots with french knots and the seam is finished.

Congratulations! You have learned how to cover crazy quilt block seams with a variety of simple traditional stitches.

Remember to come back for your graduation surprise in Lesson Five.