Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Crazy Quilt Embroidery School - Lesson Three

Seam 4: Cretan stitch, lazy daisy stitch

This stitch is worked similarly to blanket stitch in that the stitch is grabbed and bent by the next stitch. 

Bring the needle to the front at the left side of the seam. Insert the needle at the end of the bent line and back up at the bend, wrapping the thread to the back of the needle. Pull the thread through.

Work the next stitch the same way.

To finish the seam, bring the needle up at the bend and make a small tacking stitch over long stitch.

Add lazy daisy stitches. These are worked just like chains stitches except these are the individual chains, unlinked. Start the lazy daisy as you would chain stitch.

 Instead of making a next chain, simply tack this stitch in place.

In the next lesson, we combine several very easy stitches to create a masterful seam 6. See you there!

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