Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Visible mending and tea

All the comforts and simple pleasures of life came together in this fabric teacup. 

It's hand a machine sewn and shows off a sampler of visible mending handwork techniques while reminding me - it's probably time for tea. When isn't it time for tea?

It's the size of an actual teacup, so why not hang it up alongside the other cups in your display? There is a bit of delicate wire in the handle and rim for easy hanging, but the cup is soft and when squished (as I do with everything I touch) bounces back into shape.

It's one of a series of soft sculptures that will be in my revived Rabbithorns Etsy shop. This one is just listed today.

I've already pulled out a luscious piece of cream wool fabric to make another cup. Yum!

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