Monday, January 8, 2018

Thrift Score - what's old is new in January 2018

This was a week of utter delight in the world of sifting and thrifting. I'll just leave these photos here and let you imagine all sorts of re-uses for these wonderful treasures.

What did you some up with? Just want to position some on shelves or frame a few pieces? I know! That would already be amazing, wouldn't it?

There's a local craft fair in March that will be focusing on shabby chic junkers, repurposers,  and hand-makers, so I have high hopes that the Jello molds can be turned into something artful. There's also a local arts festival in April I am working towards. 

One of the art projects will be made from that doll sweater. It has seen better days and is a visible mending dream. 

As much as I'm enjoying found objects, these four large and three small tubs of wool fabric can't be ignored. Erica, of Nine Patch Quilt and Fabric in Nevada, Missouri, had it sort of dumped on her and she was more than happy to see it go elsewhere. It's already being channeled into a new pattern. You can see the work-in-progress on my Instagram - #sweaterdollstories.

Any great thrift scores in your week? This is a great time for it. People just want to clean out the old and get all new. Silly people!

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