Monday, January 1, 2018

New year, new mends

With temperatures falling to below zero, I count my wool sweaters as close a set of friends as any humans I know. But it seems every single one of them needs some kind of mending.

And what is mending if not a task to be accomplished in the comfort of the favorite chair and with a reward at hand for a job well done?

Oh yes. I've stocked up on candy canes so I can enjoy them into spring.

Here a cashmere thrift store find with a small hole gets some love in the form of a woven heart. Mending = Love.


  1. I luv that you has given a sweet embellishment to an otherwise sweater cast off...
    I find lots of cashmere sweaters at the Thrifts...if they are mendable,, I do so... if not... I repurpose them into neck scarfs....
    I luv cashmere and will salvege every last inch rather then toss into the trash.. lol!

    1. It so hard to find a cashmere sweater at the thrifts where I live. You must be so happy to have a good stash! Yes, reusing every bit is so much fun!