Thursday, September 8, 2016

Tutorial: The Ladies of the House Brooches

Sometimes you need an inter-generational gift for all the women in one family. Or maybe you just want to brag about your own family at the next reunion without carrying a bag full of photos.

Here is a set of embroidered brooches for all the Ladies of the House that will let everyone know who's related to whom.

Use thread colors of your choice. Since I was using various colors of fabric, I chose to use mainly black embroidery floss and accent with just a little color.

Materials list:
embroidery pattern (download) 
scrap fabrics such as cotton or linen
a little stuffing
embroidery floss
brooch pin backs
embroidery needle
3" hoop (optional)

Transfer the pattern to the fabric using your favorite method. Need help? Here is a post about transferring embroidery patterns.

Use back stitch and running/straight stitch for most everything on the brooches. I used a few french knots also.

When the stitching is complete, on the back side, draw a little border around the stitched area. Leave a bit of room around the design, about 1cm.

With right sides together sew the front and back fabrics together, leaving a small opening at the bottom for turning and stuffing.

Clip any inner curves carefully.

Turn the brooches right side out using a chopstick. Push out all the edges and carefully press with a warm iron on the backside of the brooch.

Stuff and sew the opening closed using a ladder stitch. Add a small pin back.

Alternately, you could attach a little jump ring to the top and thread a chain or cord through to make a pendant rather than a brooch.