Monday, September 5, 2016

Correspondence Vs. Posts

Now and then I find myself sharing something in my newsletter and think: this is really a blog post with some information to share with everyone.

And then I switch over to my blog and write the post and publish it and then put the link in my newsletter and then a whole bunch of people click the link and head over to the blog.

This is an online communications and marketing tactic to get people to my site. Supposedly, the point is to funnel you all to my website/blog and then you'll all become participants in my programs and customers of my products. 

Which, yes, would be massively awesome.

But I am personally less interested in behaving to online marketing standards than communicating the way I am comfortable and I think other women my age enjoy.

So here's my way: 

BLOG: I post Embroidery School and tutorials and patterns and sometimes pictures of some odd thing I've made. "Welcome to my home. Have a seat and a cup of tea. Let's bring out the needles and threads and make something."

NEWSLETTER: This is where you get the news and lists. "Hello (your name), are you there? Want to chat for a few minutes, because I have stuff to share with you." 

Today, I was listing some links for sewing and stitchery guilds and organizations in the newsletter and had that momentary "I should write this up on the blog" thought. But then I decided instead to let you know why I'd like to leave it in the newsletter and not put it in a blog post. 

I like to send you a newsletter that communicates with you, that doesn't always just divert you back to the blog. My newsletter is NOT supposed to be just a weekly reminder to go to my blog. 

UPDATE OCTOBER 2017: I am no longer sending a weekly newsletter. It's just the blog and my Etsy shop. And of course, I am always available via email.

Please enjoy the blog and its tutorials and patterns and lessons. There will be a few announcements now and then. But if you want to know what I've been finding on the web or locally or get special deals and just chat, you'll have to sign up for the newsletter. I think it's more personal. And we are people after all. People who share with one another, even from far away. 

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