Sunday, April 10, 2016

Embroidery On The Go - a travel tote and some inspiration

Shhh.....I'm sewing.

I finally have a little room of my own to use as a studio and you know what? I don't have all that much to put into it. But I have a sewing studio! With doors! And curtains!

When I had nowhere but the wall at the end of the bed, every time I pulled fabric out of a drawer or sorted through threads, an explosion of extinction-event proportions would occur making tucking myself in at night a bit risky.

And since we've moved a lot, I've connected online with a growing number of grey nomads, tiny house dwellers, students, and other small space crafters, and I've been Googling travel and small storage options for needlework on the go or in a corner.

So I worked hard to be able to have a studio for the Fatally Nomadic lifestyle I seem to live.

That little item hanging on the chair is my new Embroidery YOU time tote. I designed it for my easy-to-grab YOU time projects. It's JUST what I needed to carry them with me to a crafternoon or have sitting by my armchair. The downloadable pdf pattern is available here.

Today, I'm just going to share a travel and small space crafting inspiration board I've put together. I've been mad for options for traveling with needlework whether globally or just to the waiting room at he dentist.

You see knitters do it all the time. How do stitchers do it without losing needles everywhere?

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