Thursday, July 10, 2014

Tutorial: Hot Water Bottle Cozy

It's back to bed with this hot water bottle cozy made from vintage sheets. I could even tolerate a cold if I could wrap up with this beauty and take a nap.

What you need:

paper for pattern

hot water bottle
cotton flannel (enough for 4 layers) or wool blanket or cotton or wool batting (enough for 2 layers)
old sheets or other quilting cotton
single fold bias tape

Fabric amounts depend on the size of your water bottle.

What to do:

1. Trace your hot water bottle onto paper adding 1" for seam allowance.

2. Use the three areas shown for your pattern pieces. One whole piece is the front; the top for the upper back; the bottom for the lower back. make sure you cut so the back pieces overlap.

3. Sew together strips of fabric of similar widths to create a patchwork fabric from which the front will be made.

4. Baste top to two layers flannel or one layer wool blanket or batting.

5. Baste fabric used for upper and lower back pieces to flannel or batting also.

6. Fold 1" wide single fold bias tape over one wider edge of upper back piece and one wider edge of lower back piece. Sew across to finish. These edges will over lap and provide the opening for inserting and removing the hot water bottle.

7. Place the front and back pieces right sides together, making sure the back pieces overlap at least 1/2". Trace the full pattern onto one side and sew on this line all the way around. 

 8. Cut out the cover leaving 1/4" seam selvedge. Clip inner top curves carefully.

9. Turn the cozy right sides out and insert your hot water bottle into the bottom of the cozy. Now fill it with hot water, seal, and slip it into the top of the cozy. 

Oh joy! Time to get warm!


  1. Very pretty and so, so practical, Allison. Thanks for sharing the tutorial.

  2. Your welcome! I use this a lot. My hot water bottle is my winter friend. :-)

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