Saturday, February 24, 2018

When things go wrong in the sewing room

On my Pinterest account, I have a small selection in a board called iCraft Therefore I Am. It includes some cute quotes and sayings and a few craft supply skirmishes. Like cats with yarn. Or the serger gone mad.

I see these blogs with the styled photos of beautifully made items and I have to applaud those who make mistakes and either post some of those outtakes now and then or actively include them in their tutorials or displays. 

Mistakes happen in the work. They are the ground for impolite language we try not use in public. These mistakes show making for what it is - a messy adventure into even well-known territory that plays out as it will. Success is a possibility but not a definite.

Mistakes happen. Threads are pulled and restitched. It's a process. It's a game with an opponent. It's a quest. 

Safe travels, fellow stitchers. There are dragons at the edges of those fabrics. There are beasts attached to the loose end of that thread. We can't tame them. We can only keep venturing forward, with scissors as sword and thimble as shield. 

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  1. "...with scissors as sword and thimble as shield." I love that!