Thursday, January 18, 2018

Yes, box me in!

Cast-off velvety jewelry boxes are covering the dining room table this week. Inspired to get some work done for some upcoming art shows and fairs, I decided to work on these while it was impossible to do anything else. The temperatures have been well below zero most of the week and indoors with a cup of tea is the place to be.

This is the last day of deep freeze for awhile so I'll get to spend a few days with my folks. Which also means I'll be baking my dad's favorite shortbread cookies today.

Because I've never made these before, I've been trying out some different styles. The Americana one was requested for one of the fairs, but what I love about it was the fabric weaving. I plan to make more small fabric weaving items with different subject.

There's a little pocket message planned.

And then the tiny teapot became an obsession. That's a 3" hoop! This one is bound for one of the small jewelry boxes with the upper part of the box embroidered with "Tea & Gossip". 

But I think I'm going to have to make more of this design - probably make a rash of pendants with it. 

I made a couple more necklace pendants in the boro style using wool fabrics this time. I love the wintery feeling in this jewelry. Very snowy mountain. 

I'm not sure about re-opening the Rabbithorns Etsy shop. I prefer to have my art in one place and my craft in another, but since I'm not much of a social media person - although I'm on Instagram now, hurrah! - and I no longer have a newsletter, it's a well-kept secret. Online marketing is just one big abyss of endless echoes for me. 

Do me a favor - email me or tell me what you think about this. Do I just revamp the SweaterDoll shop and make it my one and only? Or do I try to have two shops?  

And come play on Instagram! I can follow you, too, and see what you're making.

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