Saturday, January 27, 2018

Instagram, local classes, ironing

Ping me, pop me, zap me, hashtag me, whatever the lingo, connect with me on Instagram. Yay! For the first time in my life, I have a mobile device. It was a gift. It's still not a cell phone, it's a tablet.

Excuse my ignorance!

Do I announce that I am @sweaterdollstories? Or is it #sweaterdollstories?

I have no idea. Just search "sweaterdollstories" on Instagram.

Instagram is so lovely but it's a bit of work for me. The tablet camera is not great so I have to get the digital camera, take a photo, upload it to the laptop, edit it, export it, email it to myself, go to the tablet and save the email photo, then I can post it to Instagram.


Yes. Could living the simple life be any more complicated?

I just posted a photo of some of the wonderful ladies who completed their Embroidery School samplers in a class I led yesterday in Nevada, Missouri, about 20 minutes from Fort Scott, Kansas where I live. 

Thanks to Erica of Nine Patch Quilt Shop who stopped by my booth at a fair in December. Not only did she pass on to me tons of wool fabric she had been given, she booked some classes. This was the first. We've already booked the second Embroidery School group for February and are quickly filling up the calendar with other classes for crazy quilt embroidery, boro stitching brooches, visible mending, and sweaterdoll making.

And here's a little shout out to Ann Wood Handmade who included a photo of her trusty iron yesterday. My favorite iron is the one that I don't burn the bottom of. I haven't discovered that one yet. But so far, my favorite iron is this secondhand beauty I found at a thrift store last year. 

It's a Toastmaster iron, simple, no steam. It's small, easy on the hands, and I iron a lot of small bits. My mother left me her Sprinkle a'Plenty which I use with distilled water.

I just used it this morning to straighten out a bit of linen that had been stuffed between my project and something else. did that happen anyway?

Just finished embroidering and assembling this little cast-off velvety jewelry box gift. The "tea & gossip" pattern begs to be used again. I love the little enamelware teapot.


It's for sale in my Etsy shop. It's in a lovely green box, hand embroidered and stuffed with cotton batting and wool fleece. 

Off to play with that teapot pattern. And to get another cuppa on the way.

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