Sunday, October 29, 2017

Meet the O'Lanterns

The land and its outbuildings are coughing up more treasures as we tear down walls, remove layers of flooring, and dig out the crawl space under the house.

Housed between the two sides of the rotting dry wall of a shed behind the house, there were dozens of printing mats, short for matrix. These are heavy cardboard sheets steamed over typeset newspaper pages so the words and images are made in impression. The cardboard is rolled and covered with lead to produce lead drums that fill in the impressions. The drums are inked and used in rotary printing of pages of the newspaper.  

One of the pages has a date of June 1956.


 And then the walls gave us critters. One whole skeleton and somewhat mummified squirrel and two more skulls and a spine and ribs.


But the land gives us more. Meet the O'Lanterns. Pumpkins for carving and smaller sugar pie pumpkins for eating. Seeds and string removed for baking tonight, baked with brown sugar, butter, nutmeg, ginger, and clove. Seeds are drying for snacking later.

Little friends visit and the pecans fall. 

And just before sunset, one last treasure of the day is discovered between lost pages of time on the land.

 Just in time for a creepy Halloween.


  1. While working on the notes it occurred to me that I haven't seen Detached chain stitch used as a filling the way I used it for the goat's fleece anywhere else. I did share a few Work In Progress photos when I was working on the project, but they are not all that clear so I have put together some better step-by-step pics if you would like to try it: quality embroidery digitizing

    1. Can you provide a link to the actual step-by-step instructions? I would love to see that.

  2. My boy is FASCINATED that you found skeletons in the walls! He collects bones and fossils, so that is absolutely incredible to him! :)

    1. Wait until he sees the latest one! It's a who, rather flat, squirrel, somewhat mummified. I'll post a photo soon. :-)