Tuesday, August 29, 2017

September Issue 3 of Stitch Cafe is here!

Just listed this morning: Issue 3 of Stitch Cafe is in the shop.

Issue 3 of Stitch Cafe digital magazine includes 6 original sewing and embroidery patterns, one tutorial, a printable recipe card, and articles. Meet the Maker: Lisa Neri of Cucicucicoo.

Patterns for tribal adventure embroidery, retro typewriter tablet or Kindle case, embroidered fabric journal cover, squirrel toy stuffed animal, paper doll zipper pencil case, and the Solar Dryer clothespin bag.

In a world full of mass-produced goods without any heart or personal touch, another handmade magazine is definitely a little piece of humanity heaven.

Stitch Cafe includes no ads or affiliate links. All links and resources shared are for the purpose of education and sharing topics of interest.


Enjoy and happy stitching!

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