Monday, August 7, 2017

On the worktable - typewriter, squirrel, and armadillo, oh my!

The weather fairies are working overtime to confuse me. It's August. It's Kansas. And it's cold?

I'll take two!

The weather was gorgeous and cool so I grabbed the squirrel softie I had just finished and headed to the oak trees in front of the house for photos.

I actually can't stop playing with this squirrel. He has a little shaped face and I've embroidered a little white fur inside his ears and on his tummy. His pattern will included in the next issue of Stitch Cafe magazine. 

He needs a name though, don't you think? Hmm.....that gives me a contest idea. More about that in my newsletter next week.

It's almost back-to-school as vacations wrap up by the end of August and school supplies are gathered. I feel a rash of back-to-school projects coming on for the magazine and the blog. This is the only rash I have that doesn't itch - what with the poison ivy in spring, the mosquitoes in summer, and now the chiggers with autumn in view.

This project is hot off the presses as of yesterday evening. Got a tablet or Kindle? You can measure any similar device and make your own retro typewriter case for it. The flap even look like paper when it's open!

The inspiration came from a vintage typewriter-look laptop case Mr. True Love got me for my birthday a couple of years ago from Typo, my favorite stationery shop in Australia. Who knew the millions of pearly white buttons in my button tin would finally be perfect for one of my projects?

Making a lined case is actually really easy if you know the simple trick. I've explained it in detail in the pattern instructions in the magazine - yes, I'm already writing Issue 3 for September!

As I was putting the finishing touches on the case, I heard a tap at the window and hubby was waving and pointing to the back yard. I grabbed the camera when I saw who it was.

No, not Robert Downey Jr. this time. It was a little armadillo digging for his dinner. I shot the photo out the window. It's a dirty window. I don't do windows.

It's cool again today and I'm thrilled. I've got another project waiting on the worktable and I'm on a roll. You could say I've gone nuts with creativity!

If you haven't picked up Issue 2 of Stitch Cafe digital craft magazine, head over to the shop and get yours now. There are 5 patterns, 2 tutorials, a printable recipe card, and resource articles in this issue.

And if you have yours - send some photos of what you're making. I'm collecting them for a "reader maker" post!

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