Tuesday, June 20, 2017

The kid-safe lightening show

Woody Allen once said he was "at two" with nature. Though I have lived in a yurt in the desert and a quanset hut with outhouse in Alaska, people find it hard to believe that I'm more of an "indoorsy" gal.

Oh yes, you just give me central heat and air conditioning and I will never leave the house. 

Bugs have also never been big favorites of mine. But we've been discovering a load of interesting things that live on the property, bugs included.

The best part of the day has become dusk when the critters come out. We'll see opossums and woodchucks, bunnies and barn owls. But best of all are the fireflies.

The rise from the ground by the dozens and fly low to the ground signalling each other and rising slowly over the next hour or two until it is completely dark. It's magical.

And impossible to photograph. They blink by the dozens and the shot eludes me.

But the tiny flashes of light are indeed lightening bugs AKA fireflies. 

If you want to see an amazing show, check out this video of synchronous fireflies. 

These bugs don't bug me. They make me feel young.

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