Thursday, October 13, 2016

Tutorial: Pumpkin in the Hoop

Make a great pumpkin for your wall or table. This is a simple idea made of orange quilting fabric in the hoop, applique eyes and nose and a bit of simple straight stitches for the rest. 

Just cut out some triangles from fusible iron-on webbing. Iron them, textured side down to the wrong side of some black fabric. Cut out the triangles, peel the paper off, and iron them to the orange fabric.

Create a mouth with straight stitches using 3 strands of black embroidery floss (DMC 310 or your favorite brand). 

Stitch around the eyes and nose for a homespun effect. Then add a few simple running stitch lines for pumpkin sections.

You can add a few green wool leaves at the top, but I just grabbed a ginko leaf from the yard and folded it over the pumpkin forehead and laid a magazine over it to shape it.  I tacked it in place in back and now it looks like green hair!

Stitch a basting/gather stitch along the raw edges at the back, gather and, tie off. Hang it on the wall or nestle it in an autumn basket of colorful leaves and gourds.

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