Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Tutorial: Monogram Buttons

Monograms can send a truly personalized message to all who see them. 

Is it 'His' and 'Hers'? If you're feeling cheeky, have you simply embroidered 'Mine' on everything?

What about gifts for the kids or grandchildren? Kids love things with their name on it, especially if they have an unusual name that isn't often found on souvenirs or shirts.

Use this tutorial to make your own statement or personalize shirts, jackets with monogram buttons. 

How about buttons that spell out each kid's name? Or maybe something that says something about who you are - like this Queen Bee shirt.

The shirt already had the beaded bees on it and although I had hoped to embroider "Queen Bee" buttons, there were not enough buttons on the shirt. So I opted for a crown and the word Queen.

I used cover-your-own-buttons, the kind that requires no special tool, quilting cotton, and DMC embroidery floss. 

Download the cross stitch alphabet template and use it to design a unique message or personalization.


Embroider letters onto the fabric. Center the letter inside the circular pattern on the back of the button package and cut out the circle of fabric. The pattern on the package will be the right size for the button you have purchased.

Follow the directions on the button package, but basically all you do is cover the front of the button with the circle of fabric, tuck the ends towards the back where they are held by metal "teeth". Then you just slip on the back and snap it in. 

I couldn't find my awesome black linen so I just opted for a black quilting cotton and guesstimated the cross stitching instead of counting threads. It worked out just fine.

This project works up quickly and easily. You'll be Queen of Monograms in no time.

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