Tuesday, August 16, 2016

No Transfers Needed on This Journey

There is a happy place right in-between buying an embroidery pattern which you need to transfer onto your fabric and buying a kit with everything you need but no choice of thread colors.

That happy medium is the pre-printed embroidery fabric panel. Sometimes called stamped embroidery, pre-printed panels are ready for the hoop. You get to choose hoop you love best and the colors you'd like to use to create your own stitchery masterpiece.

I carry pre-printed embroidery fabric panels in my Etsy shop and also have them in local shops such as here in the Caloundra Sewing Centre on the Sunshine Coast. 

Margaret, who owns and runs the shop, ran from the camera, but this is a great place for not only embroidery needs, but quilting and general sewing. She runs quilting classes and teaches how to use sewing machines and overlockers/sergers. 

Yes, that's me. Not only is my hair a mess, but I'm braving the process of letting my grey grow out. I've been all grey for lots and lots of years. I colored my hair back in 2007 and once you go color, it's hard to stop. It has grown out enough to be a bit punky and in a few more months will look like I dipped the ends in color on purpose. I am looking forward to that stage. 

If you like one of my patterns but don't see a pre-printed panel for it, just email me and ask. I print them at home and that's how I transfer most of my patterns now - just print them! It's a breeze. 

If you want to print embroidery patterns yourself, I have a handy dandy guide available in the shop. (Although, it IS part of the free pattern ebook you can download when you subscribe to the newsletter - sign-up at the top right of this page.) 

And if you're happy to transfer your patterns yourself, Lesson Two of Embroidery School (here on the blog) will teach you how. 

Whichever way you go, just GO! Get yourself some fabric, needle, and threads and go for it!

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