Thursday, August 25, 2016

Crazy Quilt Embroidery School - Lesson Five: Use Your Skills Tutorial

Now that you have followed the lessons for Crazy Quilt Embroidery School, you can create lovely seams for quilt blocks or even use the stitching for embellishing jeans and blouses or bordering hoop art or framed embroidery designs.

If you are looking for a small project right away, here's a little faux  fan quilt block lavender sachet you can make in a jiffy.

I would not recommend the project for a pincushion because I have not pieced the block but laid down the pieces using fusible iron-on web. This makes a fabric top a bit too thick for pins and needles. However, if you would very much like to make this into a pincushion, you can stitch the pieces down using a straight stitch and sewing thread close to the outer edges. Then you can embroider the seams and the piece will serve as a pincushion.

Materials needed:
fan block template (download by clicking the link)
scraps of fun fabrics (duponi silk, satin, quilting cotton, linen)
7" square piece of muslin (US)/ calico(AUS)
6" square fabric for the back
iron-on fusible web
stranded cotton embroidery floss (a variety of colors)
embroidery needle
dried lavender flowers
crochet cotton or yarn 

Print and cut the fan block template into its pieces. Trace each piece onto the paper side of fusible web and cut out these pieces as shown - some pieces have a little overlap allowance.

Iron the fusible web to the back of the fabric scraps, and cut them out around the paper. Pull off the paper back. Now they are ready to iron onto the foundation fabric.

Iron the pieces onto the fabric in the order shown below. The fan pieces will overlap the inner curve of the long edge, but should rest up right against each other on the sides. The pointed corner is the last to be ironed on.

Use your favorite colors and stitches to decorate the seams. I used 3 and 4 strand lengths of the embroidery floss.

Stitch the front to the backing fabric leaving an opening at the bottom for turning and filling. Turn right side out and press out the seams carefully with a warm iron.

Fill with lavender and stitch the opening closed using a ladder stitch.

I simply used some crochet cotton I had an a conveniently sized needle case as a base to make a four tassles, one for each corner. 

There you go! A great faux pieced quilt block sachet using stunningly simple crazy quilt seam embroidery.


  1. I really love this one I just have to try it.

    1. It's a fun little faux quilting project! Would love to see how you make yours.