Monday, May 23, 2016

Doing Less and Doing It Well


Sometimes you just need to listen to the voices in your head that are calling to you: let's go a'wandering.

Most times, I just go take a shower, a long-water-wasting-playing-with-lather-blowing-bubbles-making-beards shower. That is my default disconnect from my brain.

But then there are the times I've been sitting too long and need to walk or dance or both and sometimes both in a thrift store because it is frowned upon in the library.

Last week, I made myself take a day off and go a'wandering. I walked through my little town of 2 blocks of art studios, book shops, and cafes and went into stores I don't normally visit.

And then there is the Maleny animal trail. Every other shop or house on or near the main drag has a wooden sculpted animal, made by a local artist. (See platypus above.)

But this adventure was a struggle. I would sit too long, think too much, and stitch too fervently if I never took some time off. To disconnect. Or reconnect. Doesn't matter.

By the end of the week, I had actually accomplished more. Not that being more busy was my goal, but I did have things that needed ticking off the list and they were starting to bog me down. 

I sent off my my first Caloundra Sewing wholesale order for stamped pre-printed embroidery patterns. I designed several new patterns and stitched and listed a few already. I finished the My Stitch Book ebook. And I found the perfect fabric for a magazine project I have to ship off in the next couple of days. And it happened painlessly. 

Right after I took time off.

When I did, I completely let go of all the things in my head, all the lists and to-dos. I recommend taking a walk, being present, talking to new people, not talking about your list. Do less and do it well. It's like a good hot relaxing shower. Without the soap beard. 

Plans on the worktable?

A series of posts about storing your embroidery projects. New listings in the shop all week. New ideas like embroidered bookmarks. I'm working on embroidering a cushion cover with "fabric" thread. 

Feel free to visit the shop in the meantime. The embroidery patterns are meant to give you good follow-up to Embroidery School. You did great, by the way! More and more of you are sharing your success stories. I'm so glad you enjoyed it. 

In fact, I leave you with some Instagram inspiration. These were made by Dawn. Dawn worked up the Embroidery School sampler and the Lavender Botanical embroidery pattern. Thanks for sending pics, Dawn! (hint hint - share yours, too, dear reader)

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