Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Tutorial & Pattern: Embroidery YOU Time Tote

Remember the old song -

"I love New York in June, how about you? I love a Crafternoon, how about you?" Okay, maybe those aren't the exact lyrics.

But taking my sewing and stitching with me is essential. I'm thinking: knitters with their big totes of wool and bamboo needles. It should be just as easy for me.

This week I fixed that little issue for YOU time and ME time. This tote holds all the necessities of embroidery:
  • hoops
  • threads
  • needles
  • scissors
  • patterns
Plus plenty of room for other items like transfer pencils, carbon paper, and more.

Where can YOU time happen?
  • trains, busses, and planes
  • the beach
  • hospital waiting rooms
  • family gatherings
  • lunch with the girls
  • that favorite cafe
  • picnics and barbecues 
Take this tote with you anywhere.

It's really quite a simple pattern with three layers plus pockets inside. The handle slips through a loop - no added zippers, snaps, or buttons to attach. The pattern fits hoops up to 9".

NOTE: The embroidered design is NOT provided. I made my Embroidery YOU Time Tote from a partially stitched pre-printed panel from a 1984 Better Homes and Gardens kit. It was a thrift score.

The back of the tote shows the original print.

Use a single piece of favorite fabric for each layer or piece together two sides per oval as I did so you can use scraps, upcycled pieces, or make a patchwork cover. And there's a little needlecase to match.

I used the embroidery linen panel, a women's chambray shirt, and some cotton batting for my tote.

Click this link to get your free Embroidery YOU Time Tote sewing pattern and tutorial. I love to share my projects with you!

Looking for an embroidery project to put IN that new tote? Feel free to wander through my shop. I have downloadable patterns and pre-printed fabric panels to get you going. If you are an inspired newbie, sign up here to get a free pattern ebook. My gift to your hands and YOU time.

And just in case you're mad about books and love a Crafternoon, here's a little blast from the past with all the correct words:


  1. Such a nice project. But alas I must admit lurking about your blog looking for more info about rag rugs - I am eying the wooden needle in your shop but have no ideas on how you use it. Can you advise?:)

    1. Hi, Linda, I'm glad you've been sticking around and sorry you haven't found more about the rugs. When you purchase a rag rug needle from my shop, I also send you an illustrated PDF file showing how to start a rug. But since there's an interest, I'd be happy to add a post about it. I'll show you what I'm working on and give a little how to and some of my favorite sites and videos that helped me. Give me a couple of days and I'll get that going. Thanks for the ask! I love to know what people are interested in.

    2. Hey, Linda, I've posted how to make a toothbrush rag rug here: http://sweaterdoll.blogspot.com.au/2016/04/rag-rug-to-rescue.html