Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Embroidery School Homework - Stitch Samplers

Look how far you've already come with Embroidery School! You've learned about supplies and tools, transferring designs to fabric, and keeping your work tidy. (Links to all the lessons are here.)

Time to download the sampler and prepare the fabric for stitching.

All next week we'll learn twelve basic stitches. You can stitch them right onto the samplers or play with them in your own way.

The samplers provided give you two options. One is a simple wheel, and each spoke is one line of each type of stitching. Couldn't be easier!

If you're feeling a bit adventurous, use the second sampler and the stitch guide provided to use the twelve stitches to create a gorgeous piece of retro art.

This design is an Alice Brooks art deco tree that I've reworked to add some clouds and birds so you can practice all the stitches in the lessons.

Download both patterns now. You will see both patterns in forward and reverse images so you can choose your method of transfer. Plus there's a stitch guide for the tree scene. The guide will be clearer once we get started. Don't worry - I'll be stitching these up with you so you don't get lost.

Next week, the lessons will cover three stitches per day. Learning each new stitch and stitching one wheel spoke will take about 5 minutes. But I think you'll be tempted to sit down for some prolonged happy YOU time and work on that lovely tree scene. And you'll know how it's done! 

Alright, little chickies! Time to get your homework started. Download the samplers, transfer them to your fabric, and choose some lovely colors and hoops to play with. I'll see you back in school next week. 

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