Monday, February 15, 2016

What I Love (not just on Valentine's Day)

Notice I didn't bother saying who I love, because that's pretty widespread, there being an awful lot of truly remarkable people in my life now and over the last 5 decades. And of course, Mr. True Love and my two kids are the primary recipients of my emotional ardor.

But in my private brain space of the whats, I'd always have to come back to reading and stitching. These are the two of my favorite things. 

And spaghetti. So three favorite things.

But only two make sense in the context of "what would you do if you were a millionaire" or "what work would you do if you could choose."

I've probably said this before, but I get bored easily. I don't enjoy producing the same thing over and over again. I enjoy new vistas even though I'm a hermit by nature (and choice). 

Reading gets me out of the house both literally and figuratively. I go to the library every week. And at night when I read, my mind travels endlessly and without bounds to all worlds, all times, all people. If a person can read, she could never be bored.

Hand sewing and embroidery, on the other hand, give me a place for all the stories in my head to spill out. The words make pictures in there and they have to go somewhere. Art is like brain-breathing.

This week, a lot of embroidery has been happening. Some of those are becoming patterns for sale. These last couple of weeks have been a delight. Each stitch a breath, a sigh, a word, a dream, a wish, a prayer, a love.

May you spend all your days not only with whom you love but also with the whats.


  1. "Art is like brain-breathing" is such a wonderful phrase..and just part of a wonderful essay that is so pleasing to read and think about. Word art.

    Love the embroidery, very enticing to the fiber/textile addict.

    1. That is how I feel about art and really most of everything we experience. How we view the world is entirely up to us. Why not envision the edges of life slightly blended or glittered or even removed with each pulse and each breath. :-)