Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Mending: Knits

 Mending knits is a bit of a mystery to me as I don't actually knit and I know that if you cut something crocheted, you are cutting right through a long line of knots. What to do if your jersey knit tshirt, wool sweater, or granny square blankets gets a hole?

First determine if it is on a seam or not. If it's a seam, easy peasy, just sew it back together again. If it's a moth eaten hole or a tear or a broken stitch, there are some methods for repairing it.

You can always patch a sweater, especially a wool sweater, and to be honest, you will probably be up-trending it if you do. Especially if you patch with with either rustic homespun or linen or a woven fabric of a tribal or global quality. For that "I could be a yarn-bomber" look, use a felted wool patch from another sweater.

If you want to properly mend your knits, take a look at these tutorials and follow-alongs: - Repairing Knitwear
How to Fix a Small Hole in a Knit

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