Monday, October 21, 2013

Upcycling Tutorial: Bunting Bunny for Baby

This is one of my favorite quick but unique gifts to make. It's simple to make, takes very little time, and uses very little in resources.

What you need:Sleeve from a sweater (medium weight or lighter weight) or long sleeve jersey knit pullover
Handful of stuffing
Matching embroidery floss or thread
Bit of coordinating fabric or sweater material (for inside of ears)

What to do:
Basic form:
Lay the sleeve on your work table flattened so the sleeve seam is facing you. Draw a curved line from back to front to become the top of the head. Add a seam allowance of about 1/2" and trim away excess sleeve. The back is where the sleeve seam is.

Sew between the arrows and tie off leaving an opening for turning.

Now flatten the sleeve with the sleeve seam centered and facing up. Draw a couple of curves from side to center. These will become the little legs.

Sew completely across along this line. Add a bit of selvedge and trim away excess fabric.

Turn right side out through the opening at the top of the head.

Cut a small length of sweater or use some ribbon. You'll need around 6" or more.

Stuff the head with a handful of stuffing. Using one hand grasp around the neck (yes, it looks like you are strangling the poor dear) and position the stuffing so that you feel you have a good sized head and good sized body below.
Wrap the ribbon or sweater piece around this neck you have created and sew or tie securely closed.

Cut 2 ear shapes out of your sweater and two more out of a coordinating color, such as pink.

Sew together. Turn right side out. Crimp at each base and position inside the head opening making sure the front of the ears faces the front of the doll head.

Using a whipstitch or more invisible ladder stitch, sew the opening closed. Take a few stitches back and forth through the base of the ears to secure in place.

Infant safety:
Remember if the bunny is going to be given to an infant, do not attach buttons or loose ribbons or elements that could present a choking hazard.


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