Friday, September 27, 2013

This is the Season of the Witch

The wind is whistling eerily through the trees and the veil between the worlds of the dead and the living is so thin a spirit can practically reach through and pinch you black and blue!

Halloween isn't a very big holiday in Australia. Practically no one celebrates it and I don't think a single child came to the door last year for trick or treats. Oh no! Please don't make me eat this candy all by myself!

In honor of Halloween, I've made some spooky sweaterdolls. So far, I've got Frankenstein's Monster, Halloween Black Cat, and Candy Corn.

I miss candy corn. I usually buy one bag at Halloween, eat it until I'm sick, and then ignore it until the next Halloween when I buy another bag.

And then there is just the love of autumny colors.

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