Sunday, June 30, 2013


If I could climb inside a sheep and stay there throughout winter, I probably would. I love wool. Recently I was given 8 yards of leftover wool fabric. I cut it into 1" strips and crocheted it into a rug using slip stitch. It's about an inch thick and so soft and warm!

The 8 yards made a rug about 3 x 3 1/2 feet (101 x 86cm) and the goal is to make the rug about 5' x 8' or big enough as a room rug in the living room. Slip stitch crochet is so easy and makes nice knit-like ridges. It's much less knotty underfoot than single crochet.

You can learn about slip stitch here: You'll find instructions and links to both free and purchasable patterns.

Of course, this is not what woolgathering means. But it's an awfully nice way to spend time with one's thoughts and make something useful as well.

I also make Amish knotted rugs using wooden needles that I handcraft. You can read about it in this post and sometimes I have needles available in my Etsy shop

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