Monday, March 18, 2013

Long Live the Princess

Cinderella is dressed to the nines and waiting for her prince to return her glass slipper. Because shoes are expensive!

I made this as a custom order and just finished today.'s an April birthday present.

She's made from all upcycled wool sweaters, wool roving yarn hair, wool fleece stuffing, repurposed buttons, repurposed cotton lace shirt, and a bit of blue velvet ribbon.

It's no problem to make a princess until you realize you barely comb your own straight hair and have no idea how to create an up-do. And then, once again, your fingers just fold and sew and squish and pull some fibers and suddenly Mr. Walt Disney's favorite bit of animation has come to life in your own hands.

Here it is on YouTube:

Time to go wave my wand over some more sweaters and see what happens.

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